“The best picture contains a whole war within one frame”

As a history student my favourite classes where those we analysed old photos, cartoons and paintings. I always admired the magnificence that stands in the simplicity of an image; the events it portraits, the stories revealed in it’s details and the history hidden behind it and in it!

Ever since I came to realise the importance of photography, I try to take as many photos as possible to preserve my memories ,and maybe some day share them with the world to see. Thankfully, digital photography, smart phones and the social media, allow us to take countless photos instantly. It is hard to imagine how things were back in the era of films and negatives…

Few years back, I came across a pile of negatives, in one of those forgotten cupboards, in our living room. I spent the next few hours trying to figure out what they portraited using a magnifying glass and then it striked me! Down the road from where I live, there is hat old man that used to be a photographer, he sure has a way to print those negatives!

So, the next day I paid him a visit to ask for his help. His house was a pretty ordinary one, but his ‘lab’ was a photographic museum of contemporary history! Ranging from personal photos of his family, to artistic photos of nature, to professional photos of social and political events, this man has contained the modern history of our country in a room; in a few hundreds of photos…

And then it was my parents photographs; few days later I had in my hands the printed and digitized versions of my parents’ history! Their wedding day, their honey moon trip, photos of friends and family and parties and memories…Their eyes were filled with tears of joy and nostalgia for the past, when I presented them to them. I heard stories they never told me before and I felt like I was meeting them for the first time, not as my parents but as a couple with a shared history!

It’s absolutely brilliant what one can learn from a photo; how a person capturing a moment can without realising it create a memorandum for the future. That is why I decided to write this account. When I heard what e-Selis does, I felt I should urge all those lucky ones that have a plethora of film and negatives to get in the trouble of digitising them. Sincerely, you can revive your past and present them to yourselves and families and even preserve them for the future generations…

And who knows, maybe a history student will study your family photos some day while exploring our past!

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